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AAA Structural Engineering
Inspection & Evaluation Services

Licensed Structural Engineering in Honolulu, Maui, Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai



"Despins General Construction, Inc. has worked many years with Kiumars Siah, Ph.D., PE and AAA Structural Engineering Inspection & Evaluation Servies, located in Wailuku, Hawaii on the Island of Maui. We have worked on several projects and seawall restorations; forensic inspections necessary in legal expert witness cases, along with doing engineering on our design build projects. I also use Kiumars Siah for advice on projects we are curently doing for the state, county, and federal government. It is a priviledge to work with an engineer of kiumars Siah experience."

Ben Despins, Despins General Construction, Inc.

"AAA Structural Engineering and Evaluation Services has been our 3rd Party Structural Engineer Consultant on a numbers of projects in Hawaii. In the two most recent projects, they performed analysis and assessed the structural integrity of the buildings' suspended slabs which allowed us to use right size and weight machines for our high-rise demolition efforts. Each of the two projects had non-conforming structures and analysis and load calculations by Kiumars Siah, Principal at AAA Structural Engineering, provided crucial certifications and peace-of-mind to move the project in the right direction. If it were not for their services and certifications, the projects would have gone over budget and long in
duration. AAA Structural Engineering saved the project & Nuprecon extraordinary time and money."

Alex Cates, Manager, Nuprecon

“Working with Kiumars over the past ten years on several projects has built a confidant and trusting relationship knowing that we can rely on his expertise, professionalism, and expeditious production of civil and structural engineering.”

Douglas G. Pitzer, RME - Pitzer Built Construction, LLC

"The services of AAA Structral Engineering have been invaluable to us! Kiumars Siah has completed very complex engineering projects at our community, Kahana Sunset. His straightforward methods and patience have allowed us to understand the process as we have secured our property from long term erosion and structural issues. I highly recommend and trust him with all of our engineering needs."

Laura Valenzuela, General Manager, Kahana Sunset AOAO