Led by a forensic structural engineer in Hawaii, AAA Structural Engineering Inspection & Evaluation Services offer the following services:

Assessment of Structural Adequacy of An Existing Structure

Verification of Conformance to Contractual Drawings and Specifications

Verification of Conformance to Industry Standards & Regulatory Agencies

Rendering Expert Witness Opinions

Formulating or Approving Corrective Works

Proposing Value Engineering

Certifying Load Tests

Assessment of Unexpected Field Conditions

For more than 25 years, as a licensed structural engineer, Dr. Kiumars Siah has conducted numerous structural inspections for a myriad of projects ranging from a routine one-hour inspection to a week-long detailed inspection of buildings and facilities. A unique combination of strong theoretical background, hands-on actual construction field experience, and more than two decades of actual design experience renders AAA Structural Engineering Inspection & Evaluation Services a highly desirable engineering inspection firm.

AAA Structural Engineering
Inspection & Evaluation Services

Licensed Structural Engineering in Honolulu, Maui, Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai





Sample Projects

Kahana Sunset Seawall Repair & Stabilization

Laie Pump Station & Administration Building

Meredith Residence

Kamamalu Building Load Certification

Kashiwabara Residence

Contact Us If You:

Are Concerned About Integrity or Stability of Your Building / Foundation / Wall / Seawall, or Need a Load certification, or Have a Cracked or Tilted Wall or Floor, or Have a Cracked or Bowed Basement Wall, or Have an Uneven or Sinking Floor, or Need a Structural Engineer to Inspect a House Before You Buy It, or Have Any Other Concern Related to An Existing Building or Structure




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