Sample Projects:

Maluhia Roof Investigation

Assessment of Car Impact on Kailua Residential Building

Ohana Islander Hotel Floor & Roof Investigation

Load Test & Certification for Construction Bins

Lanikai Seawall Stability and Sinkhole Investigation

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Want to Add Another Floor to Your House

Use A Heavy Equipment on A Roof or a Floor

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As a forensic structural engineer and a registered Professional Engineer in Honolulu, Dr. Kiumars Siah has conducted numerous structural investigation and evaluation projects. A unique combination of strong academic background, practical construction field experience, and more than 20 years of actual design experience renders AAA Structural Engineering Inspection & Evaluation Services a highly qualified engineering firm for structural engineering evaluation projects. The domain of expertise includes structural steel, reinforced concrete, plain or reinforced masonry, wood , fiber reinforced composite materials, and other emerging materials. We can accommodate our clients needs for:

Assessment of Structural Integrity of Buildings

Evaluation and Adequacy of Foundations and Retaining Structures

Stability and Integrity of Seawalls & Other Shoreline Protection Structures

Assessment of Tanks, Reservoirs & Other Liquid Retaining Structures

Structural Assessment of Cracked Walls, Floors, and Foundations

Conceptual Repair Alternatives and Options

Upgrading and Reinforcing Existing Structures Against Earthquake and Hurricane

Structural Integrity and Load Certification



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